The Benefits Of Online Ticketing For Haunted Houses

Here at Haunted House Start Up we strive to bring you the most valuable content and keep you up to date with services that will make your life easier as a haunter. We recently discovered a ticketing and payment system that will just that – keep things simple and convenient for busy haunters everywhere. We’d like to introduce to you one of our newest friends and partners, HauntPay. This team of haunt and tech experts knows a thing or two about the difficulties that haunters face when it comes to selling tickets and marketing their attraction. So, the HauntPay team has created a solution that will allow you to do both without adding to the stress of your daily life. I’ll let them take it from here…

Halloween is just around the corner and you’re probably scrambling to get everything ready. Do you have enough actors? Are your animatronics working properly? What about your set and props; has the paint dried yet? Where’s your makeup artist? These are all genuine concerns that should receive your full and undivided attention. These are the creative elements that make a haunter excited to get up in the wee hours of the morning and prepare for scare season. These aspects of haunting are fun; they are your calling.

But, in the midst of the hustle and horror, you also need to maintain your business and therefore need to make sure your ticketing and payments system is both flawless and easy to use. This task, however, might not be on the top of your list of things to do. That’s where we come in…

We’re HauntPay and we’re excited to be partnering with Haunted House Start Up and are grateful for the opportunity to be able to introduce ourselves to their scary awesome community.

We realize that creating terrifying experiences for your victims… I mean… guests should be your first priority, so, we’d like to take the reins on ticketing and payments to give you more time to do what you are passionate about and what you do best – scaring! If you have commitment issues, that’s perfectly okay. You can try us out for free (think of it as a first date with a free dinner included).

Our goal is to show you that we’re the real deal, and that if you don’t have an online ticketing system like HauntPay, you might be missing out. If you’re skeptical, allow Rebecca from Exit 13 Haunted Attraction to testify to how our online ticketing service has saved her a lot of heartache and seriously improved her business.

“A new customer messaged me via Facebook asking if he could buy presale tickets to our next event. I responded by saying ‘of course!’ and simply directing him to our website. Because of HauntPay, I can sell tickets whenever I want, regardless of where I am located. I don’t have to drive an hour to our ticket booth with my three kids, and I don’t have to turn customers down because no one is in the ticket booth to help them. Online ticketing works for my staff and our customers because it is both easy to use and convenient!”

Although online ticketing is helping businesses like Exit 13 by saving time, unnecessary effort, and money, a recent report from Selling Halloween states that nearly 50% of haunted attractions do not use an online ticketing service. If you’re part of this 50%, check out the benefits of the HauntPay system listed below!

One Unified System

Tired of having a system for online tickets, another for in-person tickets, and another for merchandise? HauntPay fixes all of that, letting you manage sales of tickets, merchandise, concessions, and whatever else your heart desires – online and off – through one simple system.

No-Nonsense Pricing

No more separate per ticket fees, percentage fees, or processing charges. With HauntPay, there’s just one flat service fee: 7.5% for online ticket sales, or 3.99% for in-person sales. And unlike other providers, that can ALWAYS be passed on to your customers.

Zero Cost to Your Haunt. Always.

With HauntPay, your service fee can always be passed on to the customer, with no exceptions for in-person transactions. Remember those $1,000’s of dollars in processing fees you paid last year? This year, that number is zero.

Loaded With Premium Features

–       Customers can buy online, on a mobile device, or in-person

–       Embed online ticketing purchasing right in your website

–       Manage/record cash transactions in addition to credit card

–       Bundled tickets to package multiple entries and items together

–       Entry recorded by electronic guest list or barcode scanning

–       Powerful promo code, discount, and social discount engine

–       Advanced reporting to track tickets, events, and promotions

–       Optional hardware for scanning, printing, and cash management

We Drive People to Your Door

Not only will we include you in our “Haunt Index” and send scare searchers right to your door, but we’ll also give you tools for promoting your ticket sales via social media. This includes offering social media discounts to help drive even more people to your haunted attraction.

Get Started For Free Today

Take your haunted attraction to the next level with HauntPay’s simple, fast, and free mobile and in-person ticketing. We’re not here to step on your toes. We recognize that your haunt is your own precious territory, your own brainchild. We’re just here to make your life as a haunter a little bit easier.

Get started today with a free trial! Or, if you’d like to chat before jumping onboard, give us a call at 1.877.339.FEAR.

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