Haunt Planning – Google Sketchup

Today I am going to briefly touch on a great tool out there that is free and great for doing haunt planning related to layout. Google Sketchup is not only free but the site is loaded with training videos to get you up and running in no time. The basic concept around it is it is a 3D modeling software that lets you draw up layouts, models or whatever your mind came come up with and then its basically a draw and pull model. You draw some shapes then click on the pull tool and pull the shape up to make it 3D.

Now if you have the time you can get way into this program to the point where your creating little shapes for any tables or chairs within the haunt. You can make doorways and change the size. This is a great way to figure out how your floor plan might look once constructed and gives you an idea of the space you will have in a room or hallway because you can make in google sketchup in its basic function atleast some basic rough shapes to represent what will be in a location.

There are a ton of useful tools and things you can do and I have no intention of going into that here but wanted to expose you to a really great and free tool you can use for doing floor plans that will give you a little more depth than a regular pencil and paper would. Below are two images that show more advanced capabilities of sketchup and then just a general layout floorplan like most of us would be doing.