Haunted House Podcast #5 – Haunted House Startup

We have a new iTunes channel setup due to severe technical issues with old one so we are updating all our podcast episodes in the blog to get them listed.


Here is another haunted house podcast. In this episode of Haunted House Startup we discuss haunted corn field mazes. We dicsuss the differences in having an outdoor haunt compared to an indoor haunt along with a ton of tips for them. With me on this episode is fellow haunt consultant Drew Dominguez who is a friend and who I have been working with for about 2 years now. We recently attended the cornfield maze convention where Drew was a presenter on how to haunt a cornfield maze. Below we provide an image of what we discuss during the podcast as far as layouts are concerned and this is a simple and quick drawing of what you might want to setup for your first haunted corn field maze. Hope you enjoy this haunted house podcast.

Download this Episode Here

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