Haunted House Startup Podcast #2

Haunted House How ToThis is our second podcast and we have a new layout for it so there is a little more structure to it. We will cover the same segments for the next couple episodes to see how it runs and how people like it and then try a new one out if needed. For now we will cover some current news then move on to a haunt theme and ideas segment where we will pick a theme and cover some ideas for rooms, props, actors and decorations. After that I will cover a haunt business topic then a safety topic. The final segment is a haunt review segment where we will talk about a product of some sort rather a book or dvd. Then we will cover anything we may have that does not fit anywhere else and that will conclude the podcast. If any of you have an idea for another segment or field for us to talk about let us know and we will see what we can do.

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