Haunted House’s Exposed

So you may of noticed a slow down in our posting this last week and I just want to touch on this and what is going on here behind the scenes that are causing some delays in releases.

We are in the process of performing interviews and asking questions of various people that are involved in the haunt startup and construction process. I have contacted several haunts for interviews along with insurance companies to find out what factors will affect your business when you go to get coverage. I also have a construction engineer I am working with to get information on building codes for wood framing and other related information along with trying to setup a meeting with our local fire marshal to get the low down and behind the scenes details on what goes on during an inspection and what is looked for.

All this is keeping me rather busy and is the reason there is a delay in article releases at the moment. If you want to hear an interview or questions asked of any of these officials or others please leave us a comment and if you know of an official or person you think we should interview for information that we have yet to get to then let us know that also. Lastly please take a moment to answer our brief survey so we can provide better material to you in the near future on more specific topics.

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