How To Write A Haunted House Business Plan Now On Kindle!

We are pleased to announce that for the next 90 days we will be offering our e-book How To Write A Haunted House Business Plan exclusively in the Amazon Store for Kindle.

We were accepted into the Amazon KDP Select program. This required us to offer the e-book exclusive to Kindle for at least 90 days. With this it will be part of the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library for the same period. Anyone who is part of the Amazon Prime program is able to check out the e-book during this time at no charge. It is like a lending library. The benefit to us is we earn a share of a monthly fund when readers borrow our book from the library. If you are not part of that borrowing program with Amazon Kindle that is ok as the e-book is still available for purchase on the Kindle at a special reduced rate of $9.99 for the during of this deal.

As a bonus we want to offer up a benefit to all our previous purchasers of our e-book. Head over to Amazon and leave a review of the book and we will enter you in for a chance to get a free copy of our next e-book we release which right now is up in the air but will either be an e-book on Haunted House Wall Construction or Haunted House Funding and we will know for sure which book it is once we finish our survey on our website for it.

We hope you all enjoy this opportunity and if you do not own a Kindle do not worry, we will have the e-book up for sale again on our website after this exclusive deal with Amazon Kindle.

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