Start Halloween Now

Construction Sign by ell_brown of flickrMany of you are probably looking at the time left until Halloween and saying to yourself “Oh I have plenty of time I can start this later”. Well that may be totally true but what if you started now. Imagine the ease of building a little on your off days and having even more time to work on a prop or scene. The detail would be better, the construction would be easier because your not rushing and your peace of mind would be wonderful.

Starting early and many of the big professional haunts start the day after Halloween on planning and building for the following year. Imagine the amount of work you could get done if you did just that and started early. Not only could you build at an easier pace but you could build much more. Another great advantage of this is that you do not have to deal with the stress of spending a ton of money to finance your build up the month or two prior. Instead the cost is spread out over the entire year or over 3-6 months or however early you start. That will allow you to build much more and probably give you more opportunities for building bigger and more technical props and scenes.

I am taking this to hear this year as I have already started the reconstruction of our yard area for this years graveyard zombie haunt. I am building it in sections which makes things much easier too that way I am focused on one peace and can put all my efforts into it and have a better haunt piece than if I spread my efforts out over 3 or 4 different items/scenes/props. Take all this into consideration if you are looking to run a haunt or even do a home haunt. Start now and the rewards will be well worth the efforts.

I would love to hear from all of you as to how soon you start and what your opinions and tips for this are so that we can share that with everyone else to help them all out.

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