Top 8 Hot Cosplay Ideas for 2012 Halloween

Halloween – a night filled with tricks, role play and sweet candies, always makes people feel rather nervous yet also cheerful. Now, there are lots of temporally transformed costume stores on the street since the Halloween has already been around the corner. People begin to ponder over roles they are interested in imitating. Below, some hot cosplay ideas for Halloween of this year are shared. Probably, you may be inspired here :D.

Top 1: Daenery Cosplay

If you plan to impress the crowd via a sexy appearance, you had better prepare richly. This year, Daenery from A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones leads a hot trend. Costume for Daenery cosplay sold in stores always doesn’t include the wig. So, don’t forget to prepare a pair of pigtail wig because it’s extremely crucial. It’s definitely the symbol of dragon, which greatly highlights your look.








Top 2: Daria Cosplay

As an anime character deeply loved by many audiences, Daria is often a key point discussed by people who choose their Halloween costumes in recent months. Just bring out your cynical attitude because it’s definitely the key for the Daria cosplay costume.








Top 3: Pan American World Airways Airline Stewardess Cosplay

They are new start-ups in the ABC TV station. Undoubtedly, there will be lots of people to imitate them this year. Wearing white gloves and striking down the drinks onto a handsome business person sound interesting!









Top 4: Housewife Cosplay

Yes, it’s exactly housewife cosplay. It’s discussed by so many people this year. Actually, you have a rich collection of choices if planning to cosplay as a housewife. But it’s a pity that we cannot blend all elements together on a night. For me, I’m more interested in cosplay as a Jersey girl. Black costume with sequins like the Juicy Couture sportswear is interesting and easy to be realized undoubtedly.





Top 5: Kreay Shawn Cosplay

She is a new gossipmonger singer. If you plan to imitate this Caucasian singer, you will be noticed either on a music or fashion pageant. To make sure you will look extremely similar to her, you will need to collect many things related to Mini Mouse. She is famous for her huge love for Disney cartoon characters.








Top 6: Sex and The City Cosplay

To celebrate the reality that your favorite New York girls return to the screen, why not call together your girl friends to put on those suits popular in 1980s?






Top 7: Joe Calderone Cosplay

Joe Calderone is the male image imitated by Lady Gaga. To do this, what you need to do is just to borrow an old-styled costume from one of your male friend. Then, put on a dirty Hanes short sleeved costume. Some fake cigarettes and wine bottles will also be needed. Now, you can go out.









Top 8: Kim Kardashian Cosplay

She always led a hot topic among people last year. This year, she becomes a hot role to be imitated by people on the coming Halloween too. You just need to find a costume with leopard print. Then, a crystal with a similar size to your fist can be matched!









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