You Pick The Topic – Haunted House Ebook

We have narrowed down the topics for the next haunted house e-book we plan to write. This is based on feedback from a previous survey we held. The top four topics from that survey are now the choices we have for our next informational e-book. Instead of just picking one and writing it we are putting it out to you for a vote. We plan to use this e-book to test the Amazon Kindle waters and with that the price will be kept amazingly low. We plan to offer what ever topic e-book we write at the price of $4.99. If you do not have a Amazon Kindle do not worry we will have it offered on the site in pdf format also. I also ask that if you do not plan to purchase any of the e-books please pass on the voting so we can get an accurate read from those interested in purchasing it. With that being said the survey is below and we will post the results in a week.

Haunted House Ebook Survey


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