The Zombie Family – Haunted House Startup

I am sure you have all seen the stick figure families on the back of car windows. Personally I have found them to be rather boring but now we can all display our proud zombie family instead. Here is a set of automobile decals for the traditional family but instead of normal stick figures or humans they are zombies. There are a variety of these out now and I have listed several of them below. Now you can have your own unique zombie family on your car instead of the usual stick figures you see everywhere. Just click the links to head right over to Amazon and get your Zombie Family Decals now. Hope you all like these and if you can take a moment to like or share this post I would greatly appreciate it.

Zombie Family Stickers

Zombie Stick Figure Family Decal Zombies Window Funny Vinyl Decal




Gama-Go Zombie Family Car Vinyl Sticker Decals






Funny Stick Figure Family ZOMBIES Decal





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