30 Things To Consider Prior To Signing A Lease

  1. Is there enough electrical power?
  2. Are there enough electrical outlets?
  3. Is there enough parking?
  4. Is there sufficient lighting?
  5. Is there sufficient Heating or Air conditioning?
  6. Are there limitations to signage
  7. Will the city building and zoning departments allow you to operate a haunt in the building?
  8. Will the landlord allow alterations?
  9. Must the building be returned to original condition at the end of the lease?
  10. Is there any roof damage or leaks?

  11. Is burglary insurance high in the area?
  12. Can the building be secured at a low cost against threat of burglary?
  13. Will the health department approve the location if required?
  14. Will the fire marshal approve the building?
  15. Have you included a written description of the building?
  16. Have you attached drawings of the property to the lease document?
  17. Do you have written guidelines for renewal options?
  18. When does your lease payment begin?
  19. Have you tried bargaining for 1 to 3 months of free rent?
  20. Do you know your date of possession?
  21. Did you list the owners responsibility for improvements?
  22. Will you have to pay taxes?
  23. Will you have to pay insurance?
  24. Will you have to pay maintenance fees?
  25. Will you pay utilities?
  26. Will you pay sewage fees?
  27. Have you asked for a cap of 5 percent on your rent increase?
  28. Have you worked out a penalty clause in case something causes delays  and you are denied occupancy?
  29. Will you retain the right to obtain your own bids on signage?
  30. Have you had a real estate attorney review your contract?