How To Build A Haunted House On A Budget Part 3

Continuing our 4 part budget building series we continue on from our part 2 post on the wonderful online site craigslist to move onto your local waste management center or recycling center. It is true that one persons trash is another persons treasure in home haunting and haunting in general.

The contractor mentioned in the previous post earlier in this series referred me to a gold mine that i missed out on but will not miss ever again. If your local disposal site is anything like mine they recycle and resell almost everything. I can go buy all sorts of things from my local dump from furniture, books, chairs, fitness equipment to wood chips, logs, plywood, hardware, and other lumber. Earlier I mentioned how I missed out on a gold mine, well they had a stack of plywood about 10 feet tall and 3 piles in depth there and it was going for dirt cheap but I showed up a week late and a large construction crew came in and took it all for a remodel job where they were using all recycled materials. You can imagine my disappointment when I found out that if I would of acted on a tip when I got it I could of have several thousands worth of plywood for a couple hundred bucks.

So not only is this part about getting to your local disposal or recycle site but if you get a tip about something from someone rather you know them or not you should check it out immediately because it may not always be there. This past year we did another home haunt and I layered my entire 480 square foot side yard with wood chips from the dump and it only cost me $16.00 but that is also due to a 25% off coupon I got from the disposal site for dropping stuff off also, so check to see if your local sites do any sort of promotional things like ours where you get %25 off the compost materials whenever you drop a load of trash off. This would be a good one for any large professional haunt to keep an eye on when it comes time to revamp and rebuild a theme, recycled materials are far cheaper than new fresh materials and are usually readily available.

So we have now covered your local waste management sites, the online wonder of craigslist. In the next and final part in our series we will be going over several leftover topics that are ripe with opportunity. From construction sites to yardsales and thriftstores the savings never stop.