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Cooperative Haunt Marketing

The haunt industry is doing something not seen done in other business industries as much or as effective. There are more and more haunts coming together to promote and market their haunts as one. This is seen in regional areas of haunt heavy states where they come together and work as one to promote their own little haunt industry.

Is this effective? Yes, it is very effective. An interesting thing is how easily it seems to be growing within this industry were it another industry it would be a very complex process and would take a lot of work and cooperation to get it done effectively. The haunt industry is unique in this aspect. Another influence on this is the Haunted House Association and sits like Haunt World where they work to promote the industry as a whole. There is competition with haunts but in this industry it is not like other industries because people will pay to go to several haunts in a night or over the course of a week. It is not like shoes or food products where you pick one or the other.

Contacting haunts in your county or region and presenting the option to combine forces to promote haunting is a great new tool that is picking up speed. There are many things you can do when you come together like this. One thing to consider doing is creating tickets or discounts where you buy one ticket at a increased price through a co-op website for your region that allows access to several haunts. Another ticket option is to offer a discount from another haunt when you present your ticket from one of the other haunts in the group.

Marketing efforts can prove to be a great tool also. By coming together you can split the fees and promote a group of haunts. This may allow you to do marketing and advertising that you normally would not do due to costs. Radio ads and television spots are examples of this. Talking about a haunt partnership or group instead of just a singular haunt in your radio or television spot allows everyone to benefit from it and to split the costs. Coming together in this way also makes it easier to get news coverage because your not a single haunt but a group of haunts from the area that are working together to spread the word about haunting and if you play it right where you make sure to work into your promotion to the community about how safe and community friendly haunts are you can get news coverage much easier than you would otherwise. This also helps to build good publicity for the industry as a whole but also on a more focused scale on your local communities.

Now some haunts will not want to do this but do not give up if the first one or two are not interested because they are the ones missing out if you find another haunt to work with. Even two haunts working together is a great benefit, it works just like the old saying two heads are better than one and in this case it is true. By working together you share your customer base and spread the word through good publicity. You could even do events together and stage events where maybe characters from your two haunts clash or something. The opportunities are endless and this area of promotion is growing rapidly so do not miss the opportunity.

Before I conclude I just want to thank everyone for reading our blog and wanted to make sure you feel free to leave a comment on a team up you have done with other haunts or an idea that could work for this type of promotion. We would love to interview any haunts that have done this to get some feedback from their experiences with this type of promotion and in turn help spread the word about their promotion.