Detailing Your Haunt – Painting 101 Shellac

So earlier this week I talked about a method of adding what would appear as something nasty running down a wall. So I wanted to follow up with another useful method of applying more effects to your wall. This next method is using is just using a different paint product specifically a finish called shellac. You can get this fairly cheap at a local hardware store or order it online from a site like Rockler Woodworking and Hardware which has it in both premixed and kits where you mix it yourself. For our purposes the premixed will do just fine since you are not working on any antique furniture the extra sheen and smoothness is not required which is basically what the mix kit provides from what I have read.

By now your asking what would we use a shellac finish for in our haunt. The answer is shine and slime. When shellac dries it gives a glossy shiny look. So if you mixed a little color in with your shellac and applied it to your wall you would end of with some shine which would work wonderful for slime or sludge or any other effect you want some shine or slime look for. It is really pretty easy and shellac dries rather fast usually 10-20 minutes. All you do is brush the shellac on and once it dries you have a nice shine.

Now you could go a step further and add some chunkiness to the mix by adding some extra items into the mix, I have seen sand, dirt and corn flakes and many other things tossed in for this effect. In the end the shellac dries to a nice shiny finish and basically preserves whatever you mixed in so you do not have to worry as much about what you put into it but stick to dry goods. The creative uses are large with this so if you have used it in a different method anywhere else by all means leave us a comment and let us know and if you have done this before or have a cool paint effect we would love to see pictures or hear about your experience so we can share it with other readers.