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Facebook Advertising Guide

As many of you may know we use Facebook to keep anyone who follows us up to date on the latest articles and products. What you may not know is when we first started out we did not have much of a following and were not very well known which is usually the case with a new site or business. The way we overcame this and got some immediate traffic to our site was through Facebook and its advertising platform. With the internet now a days you really have to be on top of all the latest social media madness to be a success. It seems that every day that passes unveils another sign, poster or billboard that shows a advertisement that says follow us or like us on Facebook or Twitter. I have even received business cards  now that have Facebook links and Twitter names on them which was unheard of a year or two ago.

When I started out with Facebook I had no clue what I was doing just that it was a more efficient way to get traffic and followers than spending what I was on Google Adwords, not that that is not a great source of traffic also but I will hit on that some other time. I ran the cheesiest ad ever on Facebook, it was really just some text stating some stuff about how to start a haunted house. However I was surprised to find I actually got some likes and followers out of it. It was all pretty easy to setup and get running which I liked but with anything in the marketing and business fields there is way more involved.

When you run ads you want them to catch your targets attention and make them take action so you want it to be catchy and something that will cause the viewer to take action which in this case is to click through to your site and follow or like you. Facebook also offers great demographics targeting and various bidding methods. On top of that you should be testing multiple ads to see which one is performing better for your target audiences and if you are targeting various audiences you would need multiple ad campaigns. Am I loosing you yet? Probably, cause I know when I got started years ago in marketing I was like what is all this and wow I had no idea this was so involved.

That brings me to the point of this post. I found and read a great guide that goes through all this type of stuff and is a great jumping off point for anyone looking to use Facebook to advertise. It covers pretty much everything from the various advertising options and presence options to designing and targeting your ads. You will learn how to manage the advertising campaigns and setup landing pages that help to drive the traffic and get action out of it.

If you have not already setup a Facebook Business page then you will be walked through that process along with how to setup news feed ads, Facebook groups and events. The guide also goes into Facebook places, notes, badges and other social plug-ins. Plus you get a bunch of bonus stuff when you buy the Facebook Advertising Guide.

The best part is that this is not some super overpriced guide like many you will find out there where people want over a hundred dollars for their e-book or video series on marketing and advertising. On top of that there is a 60 Day 100% money back guarantee on it so if you do not like it or its not your style you can always get your money back. So you really can not go wrong with it since you will either get a lot of great information out of it or you can get your money back. So Click Here and check it out.