Halloween Overload – Craigslist For Haunters and Other Topics

So I am back and starting articles up again. The holidays kept me busy and the waiting of the arrival of our new baby boy is due any day and keeping me side tracked a lot. However I got into the site today and found several comments about various topics and found an email about a new website called Halloween Overload that is basically Craigslist for haunters so head over and check it out and make sure to bookmark it and link to it if you have a site of your own.

The site looks great and has options for buying various props and other haunter related items, a section for selling props you no longer need and want to find a good home for and also a trade section to swap props and other equipment. This is revolutionary in terms of the haunt industry and I think if we all do our part and spread the word about this site we will see even more co-operation within this industry which is what makes it such a fun and successful industry now.

So head over to and check out the great site.