Haunt Entrepreneur

I just finished reading Kelly Allen’s “So You Want To Be A Haunt Entrepreneur” for the second time and I have to tell you this is a great book. It is rather short but it does touch on all the important topics that need to be thought about and covered when starting a haunt business. This is a great starting point for anyone who is looking to start up a haunted house rather a home haunt, a non-profit haunt or a professional for profit haunt. Kelly goes into everything from Business Plans, Themes, Legal Topics, Insurance and Advertising to Recruiting and Concessions. Now this is by no means a one stop solution but it is a great jump off point because it will get you thinking.

There are many more issues and more detailed information that will require some research such as the topic of starting a LLC, that can not be covered in a single chapter and there are entire books dedicated to doing that and actually a great one is from Nolo Press, Form Your Own Limited Liability Company. I have included links to both Kelly Allen’s book and the Nolo book I mentioned below but keep in mind there are tons of great resources for a entrepreneur or small business startup and one is your local small business development center, they offer you all sorts of courses, training and assistance and much of it is free or very cheaply priced.