Haunted House Services

After the feedback we have received from our email sign-up requests to send your questions in we have decided to offer a phone consulting service. This way our visitors who are in the process of planning or starting or even operating a haunted house can contact us via email with questions they have and then we can setup an appointment to talk over the phone or Skype and discuss the questions you have. Rather it it is a quick and simple question or a big and complicated one we can help you out with our haunted house consulting service.

Phone Consult

You email us your questions and we review them then setup an appointment to discuss them over the phone or Skype.

1 Hour Phone Consult $75/Hour

5+ Hours Pre-Paid Phone Consulting $60/Hour (Save $75+) 

With the pre-paid you can ask questions and get phone discussions throughout the season until you reach your pre-paid limit.

Email [email protected] with your questions and amount of time you would like for consulting in 1 hour increments. We will then invoice you for the time and get an appointment setup within 2 business days. During the months of September and October prices may vary due to peak season work.

When you contact us to answer your question we not only review it and plan to help you but we consult with other consultants and current haunt operators to get various view points on the question. So your money is not only getting you a 1 on 1 phone consult but the information you get will be put together by us and haunt consultants and operators we work with. Between all of us we have over 35 years of professional haunted house experience from planning, building, theming, fx’s, marketing, actor management, haunt management and more.

On Site Consulting

We can offer on site consulting but this is very costly as it will require coverage of our trip to your location and this is on a by case basis as during certain times we are not capable of traveling due to other event work. Our daily rate for this is $500 and does not include transportation costs which we also bill for.

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