Haunted House Mobile Friendly Websites

The internet has quickly became the method of choice when it comes to marketing your haunted house business. However it does not seem to be stopping its rapid growth and constant change. Now we have so many handheld devices that you can check websites out on and make purchases through that you may not of thought about the implications this has for your haunted house. Is your haunted house website mobile friendly?

If you have a website for your haunt then you probably sell tickets online also. However did you know there is a good chance your website is not mobile friendly. It is easy to find out, all you need to do is use your mobile device or borrow a friends for a minute and try navigating easily, the keyword there is easily, to your haunt website to purchase tickets online. If you have to scroll or zoom in or even worse if half you site does not show up then your site is not user friendly. It is now being said that if you have to zoom into a website to read it on a mobile device then that website is not mobile friendly. I however find myself doing that all the time, and yes it is very annoying but I am still able to get around a site but many people are not nearly as patient as me.

What does this mean? It means there is a potential customer base that you are missing out on because they come to your haunt site and then leave because they cannot easily navigate it from their mobile device. How do you change this, it is simple you get a mobile friendly website created.

Haunted House Mobile Site Design & Setup $495

What you get with this mobile site design and setup for $495.00

  • Mobile Domain Name
  • Contact info Page
  • Maps Optimization Page
  • Calender Page
  • Tap To Call Implementation
  • Email List Sign Up Form(requires email marketing service if you do not have one already)

Monthly Maintenance

Then we monitor and maintain your mobile site and perform updates as required for $50.00 per month afterwards. This includes monthly reviews of your mobile site to insure everything functions properly and up to 1 hour of website edits.

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