Haunted House Ideas

I have noticed many people trying to find ideas for their haunted houses in general for one overall theme down to separate room ideas so we have gone ahead and listed 25 different themes and room ideas here for you to get started with. Now on top of that I want to point out some really simple and often fun ways to discover new ideas. Watch some old scary movies, read some horror novels, if you play video games then check out some of the more gory games because you can always find new monsters and room ideas from a good video game. Another option is magazines there are some horror and scifi ones out there along with HauntWorld and other industry attraction magazines. Now onto the 25 ideas you want to read about. After each idea is a link to various props that could be used for that idea from costumes and accessories to props and decorations. These links are to an affiliate so we get paid if you purchase from their site so thank you for your support.

For a great book on how to haunt your house with amazing color images, detailed instructions and parts lists check out How To Haunt Your House and How to Haunt Your House, Book Two. I have reviewed both books and they are filled with fun for home projects.

Now onto the 25 haunted house ideas:

    1. Pirates(a personal favorite), undead, shipwrecked (props, decorations & costumes)
    2. Vampires (props & costumes)
    3. Werewolves big hairy and loud (props & costumes)
    4. Caves with any kind of monster is a winner, dark cramped corridors with monsters always work
    5. Insects especially caves filled with them always a cringe generator (props & decorations)
    6. Cannibals nothing like seeing people get eaten alive (props)
    7. Mental Hospital, crazy people on the loose killing people
    8. Carnivals with blood thirsty clowns and other characters is a common theme (props, decorations & costumes)
    9. Organ filled walls that gush blood (props & decorations)
    10. Walkways through insides of large creatures like dragons or demons (entranceways)
    11. Darkness with slight flashes of light off to the sides where you see creatures shadows moving alongside you

  1. Pumpkins- check out pumpkinrot
  2. Jungles with natives and snakes (props & decorations)
  3. Temple room with living sacrifices (props & decorations)
  4. Torture chamber with guts being pulled out and hung to chains (props & decorations)
  5. Kids creepy dark eyed little kids (props)
  6. Demons (props & decorations)
  7. Graveyard – tombs with waking dead, moving tombstones, hands coming out of ground (props & decorations)
  8. Warehouse with aliens (props & decorations)
  9. Infected-do a quarantined zone where they enter through the inspection line for the safe zone but its not really safe (props & decorations)
  10. Classic zombies (props & decorations)
  11. Toxic waste – bodies melting in acid and other toxic spills (props & decorations)
  12. Plain simple dark maze with minimal light and creepy sounds
  13. Spiders (props & decorations)
  14. Take a theme from your favorite horror or scifi movie

This is just what I threw together off the top of my head, sit down with some friends and have a horror/scifi movie day over a weekend and have everyone write down ideas as you watch all your favorites and some cult classics. Have something super unique or interactive then let us know, we would love to do an interview for the blog.

Images from Flickr user Rennett Stowe