Haunted House Research

So with Halloween just around the corner, well at least for us haunters its just around the corner. I have been digging through the forums and websites looking for my first attempt at a graveyard haunt. To date I plan to have a mausoleum that is large enough for our victims to walk into along with hopefully another that is not meant to be walked in. My complication was finding haunt worthy tombstones because I do not want the plane generic curved top flat piece of foam with writing on it. I found my answers within a great resource which is haunt forums, I regularly read three different forums.

Haunt Forums (, Halloween Forum ( and Haunt Worlds Forum ( Within these three forums you can basically find the answer to any haunt related question you may have but it may take some digging and if by chance you do not find the answer then all you need to do is post your question and any number of regular and well informed forum members will try to help you out.

The haunt community within these forums is an amazing and friendly community so make sure to make a trip over to them. Now back to the tombstones, throughout these forums you will find dozens well more than dozens of posts about tombstones and many with images and some even linking to sites like A Haunted Halloween At Blackstone Cemetery which has some nice detailed plans for many unique tombstones.

Make sure to check out some of these links I have posted in here as they will lead you on some enjoyable searching through the haunt forums and various websites where you can find all manor of props and walk throughs on everything from lights and sound to walls and props.