How To Make Money With Your Haunt E-book

We have finished our first e-book How To Make Money With Your Haunt. And now you can receive it for the magic price of FREE. All you have to do is sign-up on the right to our email list and once you confirm your sign-up through an email that is sent to you we will send you the download link for the e-book. If you do not receive the email confirmation then make sure to check your spam folder.

This e-book is being created for haunters out there looking to take full advantage of their haunts. Especially if you are a haunt that has a location year round. Selling tickets and t-shirts is a requirement for any haunt now a days but did you know there is a long list of other things you could setup to supplement your ticket sales and even things you can do to increase the amount of tickets you sell. So far the e-book  covers the following:

* Ticket Sales
* Concession Sales
* Types of Entertainment and Activities
* Tours
* Off Season Money Makers