How To Start A Haunted House Business Series Resources

So if you have read the second part of the How to Start a Haunted House Business you may be asking a common question where can I get more information. Maybe you do not want to wait and want to get ahead on the business plan now. I am gonna give you the resources. Below you will find a couple links to various online and hardcopy book resources on the business plan and a location to find out some basic information about the Haunted House Industry.
Haunt World Haunted House Facts

Small Business Administration

Nolo Press has a wonderful selection of legal and business related books and resources a must visit for any entrepreneur.

These are some great resources, especially the SBA since it goes into all sorts of information and they offer training through various regional locations at their Small Business Development Centers. I have taken advantage of these services on several occasions to get feedback on business plans and business ideas, the adviser’s are experienced in their areas of expertise and full of useful advise.