Is Your Space And Money Being Wasted?

This article is targeted to haunt owners and operators that already have a haunt up and running in some format. If this is the case then you probably have some kind of warehouse type location which provides decently high ceilings and lots of open space to setup mazes and set pieces. Proper planning for future growth will also mean you most likely have a piece of open area that is not being used fully and is probably just storage or work space that is not being used to its full advantage. This works pertains to leasing or owning your location. Do not miss out on the thousands of extra dollars you could make over the haunt season.

Space like anything else in a successful business has a price tag on it. Rather you purchased or leased a location you are paying for or have paid for the space so all that square footage is now there for your use. Now if you bought a piece of your favorite cake and only ate half of it you would probably get the remainder to go not only because you love cake but secondly why let something you paid for go to waste. Maybe not the best example but you get the idea I hope. If you have space sitting around that you have paid for or are paying for why would you let it sit there and not make you some sort of income.

This is where we get to the main point of this discussion. You have space and if you have extra that is not producing income in some form I have only one question for you. Why are you loosing out on money you could be making? Now if you have a really good reason for it that is fine. However if you cant provide a good answer then we have some talking to do. Say you have plans to use that space in the future to expand your haunt into. That is great you have plans for growth. What about right now though what about this season and if your leasing a location you really do not want to leave anything unused. There are a ton of things that could be setup in extra space that can provide extra income. Even an extra ten square feet could be put to use to provide you with an extra form of income.

By putting you space to use fully you not only produce income from all of it but you provide more to your customers. Keeping your customers entertained and happy is what we want to do. The reason for this is because they are the ones who pay us. If you want to learn some of the various things you could do with say ten extra square feet then head on over to www.howtomakemoneywithyourhaunt.com and sign up on the newsletter list there to get your copy first. This ebook covers all sorts of various things you could do to put your space to its full use. Every square foot is a possible income and alternative forms of entertainment at a haunt can bring in great supplemental incomes and provide extra entertainment to your customers.