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Social Media Madness

Haunted House IdeasAs you may know I post everything from my blog to my facebook and twitter accounts and that is probably where a few of you came from to reach this article. How much time do you spend on these social media engines. If you took track of the time you spent on these you might scare yourself, I know a few people that spend more than 4 hours a day on their facebook pages and others that tweet their every move throughout the day to their twitter accounts. Yep social media madness is what I call it. However think of it from a business stand point and its a gold mind of opportunity.

I started out blogging last year and have just finally found my niche and passion in something I have been doing for over 5 years now and found it fun to pass on information about things that have helped me. Social media is one of those great tools that if not used and managed properly can get out of control as some of my good friends are key examples of this. However think of it like this if you are a business or in this case a haunted house start-up and want to get the word out about your new haunt or website or maybe your producing a scary new haunted prop. Having a social media account and posting information on your haunt or product to it is an amazing opportunity as most of the people I know spend atleast an hour a day on the site and on off days usually spend even more than that on their social media accounts so getting your information on one of these social media engines and out to your friends will in turn spread it further to others.

Facebook allows you to setup fan pages so if you have a facebook account when you get ready to start your own haunt then all you have to do is setup a fan page for it and then use that to promote and advertise events, products and prices and the like. Twitter is an entire other creature but if you use it properly it can drive a lot of traffic to your site and sell a lot of product for you and can be easily automated via a software tool like CinchTweet and you can read a CinchTweet Review here.

I will not be going super in depth at these two social media platforms at this time but wanted to get you some exposure to them and try to get the idea out that they are great tools to use to help get the word out about your event. I just in the past couple weeks have started to use Facebook and Twitter for Haunted House Startup and have watched the followers and fans increase steadily over the past couple weeks so think about that in the long term because that will grow into hundreds if not thousands of followers that will be paying attention to what you have to say.

Images by Flickr user E. Bartholomew